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Omnis Studio 6.1.3

What’s New in Omnis (Dec-2015)

Studio 6.1.3

Omnis Studio 6.1.3 does not contain any substantive new features, only a number of fixes for reported faults: see the Readme.txt for details of the faults fixed in this version. This release includes the following minor enhancements:

  •  Initiate Emails, Calls and Texts from your mobile apps
    The Email, Call, and SMS Device Control actions will attempt to execute the relevant action if the app is running in a browser on a mobile device and not inside a wrapper.

  •  Synchronization Server and Wrappers
    The SQLite Synchronization Server, required to support standalone mobile apps, now allows non-integer (character) primary keys, allows up to 1024 mobile client devices, and allows you to enable/disable Primary Key Enforcement (PKE). A new set of application wrappers will be released to support the Sync Server updates.

  •  PDF Printing and Python
    PDF printing now supports the 64-bit version of Python. You need to install the 64-bit version of Python and update your Omnis configuration file to support this.

  •  Complex Grids and Data Grids
    The $vscroll & $hscroll properties have been added to the JavaScript Complex Grid. The data grid context menu will open if you click anywhere in the grid field, not just the grid rows as in previous versions.

  •  PostgreSQL DAM
    The $defaultdateisempty property has been added to the PostgreSQL DAM to convert retrieved datetimes to empty when they match $defaultdate.

  •  Automation Objects
    The $quit() method of an Automation Object has a new optional parameter 'hwnd' to allow you to terminate the object’s process.

  •  64-bit on Linux
    the 64-bit version of the Omnis Studio SDK is now available under Linux, along with the Omnis App Server and Omnis Runtime (CAL) 

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