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Omnis Studio 8.0.2

What's New in Omnis Studio 8.0.2
Omnis Studio 8.0.2 includes the following enhancements: 
Mobile App Deployment

a new wrapper to create and deploy standalone mobile apps to run on Windows 10 based devices including desktop PCs, Surface® tablets, and Windows Phones®: plus new wrappers for iOS and Android (v 1.5.0), and the Sync Server now uses a RESTful interface to allow the Omnis Server to communicate with mobile clients.

Custom Loading Indicator

there is a new client command, showloadingoverlay, that allows you to add a loading indicator over an individual control, or the entire page in the JavaScript Client.

Rich Text Editor Control

has been enhanced and includes Code Blocks with syntax highlighting, Undo/Redo shortcut keys, Sub/Superscript, In/Outdent, Block Quotes, Clear formatting, Image uploads, Content tips.

Worker Objects

Worker Objects now support an alternative completion model whereby $completed and $cancelled methods can optionally be sent directly to another instance.

Web Services

support for ISO8601 based date and date-time values has been added to REST-based Web Services support; in addition, the CORS settings are now stored in a separate config file CORS.json.

Method Templates

when adding the $sqldone method in the method editor Omnis now adds pre-defined or boilerplate code automatically, which you can add to or amend as you wish; there is a new class rfMethodTemplates in the Component Store containing method templates.

Creating Unrecognized Variables

when Omnis encounters an unrecognized variable, a dialog pops up to allow you to create the variable, including options for the scope, type, subtype, etc.

List Variable Values

the Value option on the context menu for List variables in the Method Editor has some enhancements, including showing the value of $line, and the line numbers of up to the first 5 selected lines.

Adding Blank Method Lines

there is a new command and keyboard shortcut on the Modify menu in the Method Editor that adds a set of blank lines to the end of the current method and sets the current line to the first new blank line.

Sorting Variables

there is a Sort Names option on the View menu of the variables list window, available by right-clicking on a variable when inspecting variables in the Method Editor.

Date and Number Formatting Override

entries in the system tables for storing date formats (#DFORMS), input masks (#MASKS), and so on, can now be overridden at runtime by creating and calling a configuration file called tables.json.

Text Escapes for URIs

there are two new static functions, in the OWEB component, that escape text for use in URIs: $makeuri() returns a properly formed URI, and $escapeuritext() escapes a text URI.

Generating UUIDs

there is a new function, in the OWEB component, $makeuuid(), that allows you to generate a new UUID.

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